Sunday, 29 January 2012

Petite moi ?

Hello !!
Do you know about the Petites ?
No ... well .. it doesn't go in the "under 100L" category, but I'm pretty sure it's still something you want to know about it !
After all, we're in the fae's wardrobe !
Visit Yabusaka to discover all about it, and for more pictures you may look here and here
Enjoy !

Under 100L:
Hair : NMR122 red previous group gift available at the store (!! resized !!) by boon
Above 100 L:
Outfit : PETITES Will O The Wisp by Evie's Closet only available at Petites Market at the moment 

Avie : PETITES -Elves (Sunkissed skin) by Fallen Gods
Pose by Everglow

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