Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Cat Eyes at Banana Banshee

And it's yet another shameless self advertising day on the Fae in the Wardrobe blog, but you have to admit, since I have new designs once every 2 or 3 months, I am not spamming you with these. Plus when I release new eyes, there's usually a freebie coming along with it. The exclusive "Storm" color will be in the subscribomatic in a few days, and I strongly advise you to go hit it if you haven't already, because the previous freebies are still in there and will disappear forever when I put up the new one... I'm just saying...

So, of course the eyes are from Banana Banshee, 50l$ each (or 400 for the 10 color fatpack), but if you take a look at the picture, you'll also notice the pretty hair from Sixty-Nine, free for the group members.
The top is from the new Charlotte dress from Kouse's Sanctum (not free)

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