Sunday, 31 January 2010

Lucky day

Hello all!!

Today I got lucky at Blue Blood and caught 3 of the 8 available colors on the lucky boards in a very short time, which allows me to show them to you... Blue Blood's creations have that gothic lolita style that I love, and the quality of the designs, even the lucky board prices, is as always impeccable. If you have no patience (or no luck!) at all you can always get the whole fatpack for only 200l$. There's also a selection of very cheap dresses in that same room.

Other items:
Stiletto go-gos from Dilly Dolls (used to be a cheapie)
Sai hair from Exile (previous freebie)
Breeze skin from Curio (full price)

The stalking crew (left to right): Zayley, Nya, Ela, me, Amaya and Fittykatta

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